It was so encouraging to hear the live response from our audience. They were asking my guests some really interesting questions, as well as sharing their personal experience with autism and conditions often associated with ASD. Over the last few weeks, we have covered topics like bullying, romance on the spectrum, depression, anxiety, faith, reality of low functioning autism, Asperger’s as a superpower, savant syndrome, autism in the movies and TV shows vs. “real” autism, healing the gut, effective natural treatments, meditation and so much more.

Each of my guests had brought their wisdom, knowledge, experience and unique insight on the subject of Autism. My ultimate goal was to create a hub that would bring together both, individuals with ASD, as well as parents and caregivers of autistic children, all in one friendly place. I believe that through such format, we are able to help others understand this broad spectrum a lot better. Since Autism Mama Bear Talk is an interactive show, it also gives the viewers a unique chance to actively co-host and be involved in an interview, like nowhere else.


I daily receive emails and messages from other parents, often asking me questions about our diet, supplements, treatments etc. It is almost impossible to reply to each and every one of them, considering the fact that I am now a 24/7 “babysitter” to my hyper, creative and demanding little ones. Therefore I gather all the FAQs, sort them in groups and interview our guests, depending on the level and area of their expertise.

One of the most popular episodes that raised a lot of questions, comments and shares was a spinoff of regular Autism Mama Bear Talk, called ASD Dream Team Hour. I invited three amazing individuals on the spectrum and asked them to basically run the show. It was funny, witty, unscripted, but also serious at times, as they shared their painful past and trauma caused by bullying. What I’ve learned from them was the true meaning of autism acceptance, importance of knowing, loving and being yourself, as well as being the voice for the misunderstood, mocked, bullied and the ones lacking confidence and self worth, especially individuals on the spectrum.

The best is yet to come, so be sure to follow me on Facebook  and share your story, if you will.


Autsim Mama Bear Talk Intro