Autism in Ivory Coast: An Alternation Between

the Ignorance and the Seek of Knowledge

October 21, 2016

African society leaders are concerned about autism education and services in their countries. In other developing countries such as China, over a million people are suffering from autism. Unfortunately, in Africa there is a lack of sufficient data caused in part by the discrimination and stigma against children and adults with autism. What is needed are centers which provide developmental assistance and education. Some such special centers, are already up and running in very few areas or countries in Africa.

According to the chief of the World Autism Organization, only 1 in 1000 people developed autism decades ago. Now that figure is 100 in 1000, an alarming rate of increase.
Therapies such as specific education programs, medicine, strict dietary regimes and supplements are bronchial. About one in four autistic children follow such diets. Many parents of autistic children make sure that their children do not consume these basic ingredients of food. These diets can be hard to follow while ensuring that children are enough nourished. Yet, the British Medical Journal did some research that showed that while it may be helpful for some children, it is generally not linked with improvements in the condition.

Because of her autistic son, who was diagnosed with this illness, Brigitte Kobena, who served as Miss Ivory Coast, founded the Autism Community of Africa. She has done much
by way of advocacy and promoting awareness about autism in a region where it is feared and not widely understood. Many believe that autism is a manifestation of possession made or cursed by evil spirits or as a bad omen. Ms. Kobena has inspired many other mothers to not feel ashamed of their autistic children and to give them love and affection.

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