Autism in Algeria: Nearly One Hundred Thousand of Autistic Kids Prohibited From Schools

September 27, 2016

Autism in Algeria by Anna Rania Klibi

Many parents of children who suffer from autism have complained of the refusal of a majority of nurseries to accept their children. Other kindergartens invest in this disorder, and raise the price to a rate three times higher, if they agree to take kids with autism. All these occur in the absence of competent centers in Algeria.

The number of autistic children in Algeria has reached 90,000 cases. Private and public schools don’t accept them and the nurseries have increased the charge on their parents, making their destiny unknown in Algeria.

Based on the advice of specialists, nurseries are considered to be a suitable place were autistic kids can be integrated with regular children. This is because this inclusion of kids are considered brilliant and very ingenious, and the law

which governs the nurseries do not stop or force them to receive autistic children.

On the other hand, to ensure the education of children with special needs, the National Ministry of Education plans,with the contribution of the Ministry of National Solidarity, to double the number of sections for children with special needs especially for those with autism.

The Minister of Education noted in this regard that there are currently 142 educational institutions in 22 states whohave opened divisions within the educational institutions for this category. School attendance of autistic children has reached 1236, which is not really remarkable compared to the huge number of autistic children who are really in need for specific education.

Autism in Algeria by Anna Rania Klibi