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In Loving Memory

of our founder and leader Dr. Joshua Weinstein

With mournful hearts and in fond remembrance, we pay tribute to Dr. Joshua
Weinstein's great leadership, innovative ideas, and vision of an all inclusive
world. He blazed pathways of opportunity for the autism community and
staunchly advocated for continued advances in supportive practices. We at
ICare4Autism are committed to carry on his prodigious legacy.

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Learn about our goal to increase disability awareness, strengthen the US workforce, advocate for the inclusion in work settings, and create pathways for high school students with special abilities. Help us reach our goal of connecting people with Autism to a better future.

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Worldwide Representation

There’s an effort to create networks so it’s nice to have representation from around the world with an interest in partnering with other groups and utilizing technology to grow those networks to facilitate treatment or genetic networks.



There is an international focus so it’s not just U.S. based. We partner with groups around the world to increase awareness and diagnosis of autism while assisting countries with the development of their own Autism Centers 


Floor Mopping


Model School

Sisters in Traditional Clothing

Pakistan Initiative

School Kids

African Initiative


International Conferences

Lawyers in Lobby

Autism Legal Department

ICare4Autism is the lead global non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of children and adults living with autism.

We collaborate with industry professionals from around the world to promote awareness and develop programs that will improve the quality of life for all individuals touched by this condition.

Help the Cause Now

Donations help support the mission of ICare4Autism. Help us raise awareness, support research and provide specialized education for children with Autism.

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