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    I’m imprsesed you should think of something like that

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    Ou alors, on ne met pas 0, mais on monte tout d’un cran, donc, on note sur 6 et de fait, le insuffisant obtient 2 alors que le hors sujet obtient 1.Le point de présence ^^En plus, l’avantage c’est qu’on comprendra sûrement mieux certaines « sanctions » données aux photos.

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    The royal institute has expected three almost transported teams of the watch, and prominent mocha homes with social males. safe prescription diet pills.

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    Mientras hago un par de pollos y unos choris a la parrilla(el asado y el vació bueno, cada vez esta mas lejos, Clistina)para festejar los 3 meses de Nicole y porque no, una Supercopa ArgentinaLes cuento que esta por comenzar Trunge frente a mi primo ya continuación Leo Mayer contra el hijo de Andres

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    THX that’s a great answer!

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    Dan – You are so right I didn’t realize how close this is to 7 habits, man what a downer. I think I can still make mine more hip though. So far I’ve loved using it for this stuff.You should definitely scan in some of your pages from yours and post them to flickr there are tons of people who “show off” their Moleskines.Anyways – I just got my and totally dig them, they are perfect for what I need them for, a little different than the standard business card, and fit perfectly in the back pocket of my notebook!

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