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A Better Transportation Plan Needed for the Autistic Population

It’s essential for an adult to seek reliable transportation options in order to reach their job and perform their duties in a timely manner.

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Can the Modification of Diets Improve Symptoms of ASD?

gluten free

Researchers are currently debating the effectiveness of diet modification. Could reducing or omitting gluten actually improve behaviors in a child with autism?

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The Impact of Motor Skills on Symptoms of ASD


A study was recently launched to observe how improving motor skills may help improve the symptoms of autism disorders.

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Newly Discovered Gene May Be Linked to ASD


Researchers may have linked a particular gene to the development of autism and other neurological disorders. This finding can potentially pave the way for scientists to develop treatments targeting this gene.

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How Age of Diagnosis Influences Working Adults with ASD

With more accurate autism diagnoses taking place across the U.S., the rate of total diagnoses has risen in recent years. As a result, it has become commonplace for companies to anticipate applicants on the spectrum, creating a need for initiatives that help them transition into their workplace. As evident in many reporting and press releases […]

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