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Telehealth is Efficient for ASD


With today’s technology, we are able to do remarkable things. It used to be unheard of to get an accurate medical diagnosis on the computer, and now it’s a growing trend. Telemedicine had been the focus of a recent study that highlights the benefits of ASD patients connecting to health care specialists through their computer […]

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SHANK3 Plays Larger Role in ASD Than Assumed

SHANK3 is a mutated gene that is linked to autism, and researchers are continuously discovering their structure and role in the disorder. A recent study found a new role that the neurons play. The SHANK3 is meant to support synapses structure, which allow neuron communication. “Synaptopathy,” neuron signal defects, is what links the mutated gene […]

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ASD Overlapping Pathways Found

Gene mutations are the foundation of autism, and scientists are continuously examining the structure and actions of the genes. A new study shed light on the pathways of the genes that contribute to ASD. At the Massachusetts General Hospital, investigators were able to identify biological processes with hundreds of genes that can contribute to the […]

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Pregnancy Gaps Are Associated to ASD


Many people believe that being a mother is the hardest, yet rewarding, job in the world. For people that want large families, is there any risk? A recent study shed light on how close pregnancies is associated with ASD. The researchers concluded that small time gaps between pregnancies could increase the chances of the offspring […]

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Researchers Question Validity of CDC ASD Statistic


Statistics are a tool often used in a variety of fields to realistically convey information to the public about the common nature and possibility of a certain event or abnormality. A widely-spread statistic revealed the current amount of autism diagnosis in children, but some are questioning its validity.   In 2014, the Center for Disease […]

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