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Older Fathers Don’t Necessarily Increase ASD Chance From Accumulated Mutations


For every few studies showing evidence that something leads to autism, there is always a study floating around with research disproving previous beliefs of possible ASD triggers. Recent research, stemming from Australia’s University of Queensland, focused on the long-studied idea of older fathers and their risk of giving birth to a child on the autism […]

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Brain Microtubules Can Stand Independently. Source: Science Daily


The brain biochemistry is the centerpiece for the majority of most neurodevelopmental disorder research, including autism. Neurons, brain tissue, the interaction between lobes, it can all provide vital new information on these types of disorders. The most recent study focused on tracking down the issue of mislocated neurons.

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New Mapping Method Focuses on Attention Issues For ASD and ADHD

Autism Research

Autism is often linked to Attention Deficit because hyperactivity and repetitive motions and behaviors are common in both ASD and ADHD. Approximately 80 percent of children diagnosed with autism also have ADHD. A new type of charting method shows how attention problems come from brain connection patterns.

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Making Emergency Rooms More Autism-Friendly


With the number of autism diagnoses growing, a small but growing number of hospital emergency rooms across the U.S. have begun implementing rooms that accommodate those on the spectrum.

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Telehealth is Efficient for ASD


Mice Study Sheds Light on Angelman Syndrome   There are a variety of disorders and conditions on the autism spectrum, as well as several that have overlapping symptoms with ASD. A new study focuses on an autism-related genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome.   The study focused on the seizure aspect of the disorder, as ninety […]

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