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Upcoming and past autism events

ICare4Autism’s Meet the Speaker Series – Dr. Stephen Shore

As our upcoming International Autism Conference approaches, over the next few weeks ICare4Autism would like to take the opportunity to introduce our wonderful panel of conference speakers with “ICare4Autism’s Meet the Speaker Series”.

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ICare4Autism Hosts Benefit for Autism Research and Education


Over one hundred people attended the ICare4Autism benefit for autism research and education last Thursday night at Inglot Cosmetics in the Chelsea Market Place.

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New Companies Hiring Autistic People for Their Unique Skills

A new company called Meticulon is looking to specifically hire people with autism to be specialized information technology consultants.   The chief technical coach of the company, Michael D’Souza, explains that there are many benefits of hiring autistic people.   “They can focus strongly on a particular task and identify problems the rest of us [...]

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Tickets are now **ON SALE** for our event November 14, 2013!

The event will include: *Celebrity VIP Guests * Live Jazz Trio * Book Signing by Lihi Lapid, Israeli author and wife of Israeli Minister of Finance, Yair Lapid * Surprise Celebrity Live Art Auctioneer * Gift Bags Tickets are limited and WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY. -Dietary Laws Observed- Click here to attend!

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Woman of Valor: A Must Read

We live in a society where appearance is everything and with expectations that are too high to manage. These expectations are placed by society, and by ourselves. Written by Lihi Lapid, Woman of Valor explores the lives of women in today’s society, and the struggles one may encounter. Wife of Yair Lapid, Israel’s Minister of [...]

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ICare4Autism Announces New World Health Organization (WHO) Partnership

  On the 15th of September, the WHO convened its first consultation in Geneva to identify priorities for action and effective strategy to build capacity, around the world. The 3 day meeting brought together high-level stakeholders, policy makers, experts from relevant disciplines, international organizations and NGO s. This followed the adoption of a resolution by [...]

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Welcome to ICare4Autism, Eileen Hopkins

We are delighted that Eileen Hopkins has joined the dedicated team at ICare4Autism. Eileen’s career has been dedicated to autism advocacy and the welfare of people with ASD. Starting work in one of the UK’s first schools for children with autism she discovered a lifelong fascination with autism. She joined the NAS UK via the Board and was [...]

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ICare4Autism Conference Autism: An Update on Genetic and Clinical Aspects Convenes Pediatricians For A Critical Dialogue On Autism Intervention

On May 19th, 2013, The International Center for Autism Research and Education held a conference for pediatricians on “Autism: An update on genetic and clinical aspects,” convening experts in the field of autism for a critical and comprehensive look at the most contemporary findings and practices pertaining to autism spectrum disorder. The conference was held [...]

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ICare4Autism Adviser Advocates With “1000 Ausome Things” Flashblog Today

Today, Ariana Zurcher is hosting the Autism Positivity 2013 Flashblog event where anyone can contribute, seasoned blogger or not. This year’s theme is 1000 Ausome Things. The community-building project is a beautiful way to conclude Autism Awareness Month. Ariane Zurcher champions autism rights across the blogosphere with her personal writings, Emma’s Hope Book, and her [...]

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Special Education Expert Presents Music Education Strategies & Strengths

Special education expert, Stephen Shore Ed.D., held a workshop on music education for children on the autism spectrum this Tuesday at our partner organization Shema Kolainu Hear Our Voices. Shore completed his doctoral degree in special education at Boston University and now teaches at Adelphi University in New York. Having been diagnosed on the autism [...]

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