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What are the symptoms of autism? Autistic people may have a range of symptoms, including physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional differences.

Being Diagnosed is a Liberation, Not a Limitation

asd diagnosis liberating

By getting an assessment and proper diagnosis, a parent is opening doors and creating opportunities for their child.

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Little Professors

little aspie professors

The renowned psychologist Hans Asperger called his subjects the “little professors.” How much truth lies behind this assumption for those with Aspergers Syndrome?

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Tadpoles Reveal Possible Link Between Epilepsy and Autism

tadpoles epilespy and autism

Researchers exposed tadpoles to valporic acid, a drug widely used as an anti-seizure and mood-stabilizing medication, and focused on how it effected brain development.

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Treatment May Improve the Outcome for Autistics by Age 6

autistic kids who show improvement

According to a new study in Canada, more than 10% of these children will remarkably improve by age 6 while nearly 20% will make significant gains in everyday functioning.

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Film Director Casts Actors with Autism for Authenticity

actors with autism

Director Jesse Cramer is not only opening the world to new perspectives on autism in his movie “Circles,” but also an incredible opportunity: professional acting for children with autism.

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Autistic Siblings Display Genetic Differences More Than Similarities

autistic siblings

Autism Spectrum Disorder includes such a wide range of symptoms and behaviors, and new research shows that the genetics involved are just as diverse.

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Just as No Two People are Exactly Alike, Neither are Autism Symptoms

autism brain

Some recent findings by university scientists shed more light on the genetics associated with different autism symptoms. Columbia University Medical Center has been doing research to discover if there are connections between the different ASD symptoms and genetic mutations.

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Why some children have extreme reactions to noise. A new study examines one of the key mysteries of autism

“I would describe having Asperger’s syndrome as being like a computer that’s running a different operating system than what most computers run,” says Austin Miller, 16.

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