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Michigan Mom Pushes to Extend Benefits for Applied Behavior Analysis

applied behavioral analysis

Mother Lisa Mortimer has asked that the government provide funding for ABA past the age of 5. She believes that doing so will create extremely beneficial outcomes for both children affected by autism and their families.

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Twin Study Suggests Genes Triumph Over Environment in Autism Cases

twin studies autism

Most scientists agree that both genetics and environmental factors contribute. However a recent study suggests genetics are more at play than any other factor.

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Innovative App Specially Made for Children with Autism

autism app

The Chicago-based startup company, Infiniteach, has been developing a revolutionary new app called Skill Champ. The founders and creators of this project are teachers, therapists, researchers, consultants, etc., who have many years of experience working with autism therapies both professionally and at home.

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Saliva Test for Autism: Nothing to spit at.

saliva test

By analyzing their saliva, it may be possible to know if your child has autism within a very short time.

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Picky Eating and Gluten Free Diets

gluten free diet for autism

Recent studies have shown that children and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder are able to have a form of ‘control’ over their symptoms through their diets, especially when they do not eat anything that has gluten in it.

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“It’s me, Phillip.”

Its Me Phillip Autism Art

Phillip Koelsch is a very unique individual not only because of his impressive creativity but also because of his very remarkable mind. What’s noteworthy about his inspiration you may ask? The answer lies within his experience with autism.

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Sensory Overload: Meltdowns and How the Public Handles Them

autism meltdowns

Recently, as a result of uninformed decision-making, Daniel Ten Oever, a 9 year old boy with ASD from Ottawa was handcuffed by a police officer in his school during a significant meltdown.

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Fat Tuesday for Autism in Fullerton

autism at mardi gras

This past week’s Mardi Gras celebration didn’t just focus on the indulgence of amazing food for members of the Fullerton town community; it also meant the widespread participation for autism awareness.

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Special Savings Accounts Law Created for People with Disabilities

autism laws disability

President Barack Obama signed into law the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE Act) on December 19, 2014. This is a tax-favored way for families and people with disabilities to save money for future expenses without being disqualified from federal benefits.

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The Significance of Synchrony

Over the past several years, there has been a lot of debate about patterns of synchrony within the autistic brain. It was once believed that they were underdeveloped; however, new research indicates that the problem could in fact be over-synchronization.

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