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AUTS2 Isn’t As Connected to Autism As Believed


Mutations continue to be the centerpiece of ASD research as scientists are constantly finding new information about how genes and their mutations interact to cause symptoms. The most recent study shed light on the true nature of a gene linked to autism, called AUTS2. The study focused on disproving the belief that AUTS2 is the […]

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Role of Shank3 Mutation Finally Surfaced


Mutations are often studied as the base of autism, with the Shank3 mutation being pointed out specifically as a leading cause of ASD symptoms. The Shank3 mutation is found in 0.5 percent of patients on the autism spectrum. A recent study, coming from MIT, pinpointed the main role that this common mutation plays in the […]

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Brain Microtubules Can Stand Independently. Source: Science Daily


The brain biochemistry is the centerpiece for the majority of most neurodevelopmental disorder research, including autism. Neurons, brain tissue, the interaction between lobes, it can all provide vital new information on these types of disorders. The most recent study focused on tracking down the issue of mislocated neurons.

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ASD Social Communication Classification System Created

Advocate For Autism Internationally

Classification is important in all aspects of the science community because it allows researchers to divide up their results to do in depth analyzing of very specific topics. In the medical field, doctors and researchers use classification to determine the proper diagnosis and treatment for a patient. In the world of autism spectrum disorder, researchers […]

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ASD and Autism Found New Algorithm Sorting Method

Autism and ADHD

Autism and Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder, commonly abbreviated to ADHD, share similar behavioral patterns, such as repetitive behavior and hyperactivity, as well as similar genes. A recent study, geared toward both autism and ADHD, showed how a new method of finding treatments is taking a different angle on the matter.

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