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Up to date autism news and article from around the world about the efforts to further treatment and therapy for ASD

New hobbies cultivate creativity and foster well-being

Sparking one’s imagination and putting hands to work can be calming and empowering. Whether it is dancing or drawing, running or writing, active ways of expressing oneself can be beneficial for the mind and body. A seven-year-old Melbourne boy with Autism has found a special way to express his creativity. He weaves colorful 3D loom […]

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Seeing Autism Through a New Lens

Prominent photographer Bruce Hall’s work has been featured in global media outlets, such as National Geographic magazine. The work he values most are the photographs of his family, including his twin teenage sons, Jack and John, who both have Autism. Hall differs from many professional photographers as he is legally blind and can only see […]

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D.C. Coffeeshop to Train Students with Autism

Washington D.C. – As of June 2014, only 16.8% of adult individuals with disabilities were employed. Independent Grounds Coffee House is taking steps to improve those odds, by instilling a vocational training program from teenagers with Autism. Washington’s Top News’ Rachel Nania describes the goals and initiatives of Executive Director Laura Pickard. Laura has worked as […]

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College to Implement Program for Students with Autism

Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa is beginning to accept student applications for the Fall 2016 semester for the new Connections Academy program. A four-year program, Connections Academy integrates students with Autism into a college classroom with other students. The program assists these students in working through the multifaceted college experience of both social and academic […]

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Red Tomato Farm: A New Initiative for Adults with Autism

When it comes to providing creative, meaningful outlets for individuals with Autism, new initiatives are constantly on the rise. Red Tomato Farm, located in Newville, Pennsylvania, gives adults with Autism the chance to gain social skills and realize their full potentials by engaging in farm-related work. In an article in The Sentinel, Red Tomato Development […]

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