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Up to date autism news and article from around the world about the efforts to further treatment and therapy for ASD

Our BBC Debut! by Giuliana Fenwick

Hello everyone. I’m writing to you yet again in huge excitement! Remember last time I shared with you that I had achieved my challenge for April and Autism Awareness by getting my son Ollie’s journey into the national press? Well life has gone a little crazy since and this story has really made many people […]

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Autism + Technology

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  Attend the International Autism Conference on Jul 5th /6th in New York, and learn more about this and other topics within the Autism field

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Helping Your Autistic Child Cope With Holiday Stress

Photo via Pixabay by Gilmanshin

Holidays are a whirlwind of fun and excitement. Family gatherings, events, and trips make the holidays special, but can also be a source of stress for children with autism. Schedule changes, noisy decorations, and crowded events or family gatherings can overwhelm an autistic child. Certain precautions in anticipation of these situations can reduce stress and […]

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Exercise for the Quality of Life and Joy


According to the fall research provided by New York Medical College, physical exercises improve social skills in children with autism. The 4-month exercise program showed that regular exercising can significantly improve social responsiveness and physical endurance. It is well-known that children with autism have a high risk of developing obesity and diabetes, metabolic syndrome, decreased […]

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Gene that leads to ASD development – New Finding

The researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina have identified genetic mutations that can cause autism. The researchers from the Harvard Medical School and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have also joined this project. According to this study, a gene related to the development of such brain disorders as schizophrenia can be responsible […]

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