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Are you an Autistic or a Person With Autism?

There is an on-going heated debate in the autism community, mainly between self-advocates and parental advocates on whether to identify as “autistics,” “autistic people,” or “people with autism.” This is not an argument about semantics by people who are excessively sensitive to political correctness, but rather an important discussion about how autistic people and their advocates want to identify themselves and be identified by others. The tricky part of this argument is that ultimately, both sides are on the same side, they just have a fundamental disagreement about the most empowering and respectful terms of identification.

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How to Work With Autistic Peers

An article was published yesterday in the online version of Forbes Magazine called, “What You Need to Know About Working With Colleagues on the Autism Spectrum.” It is very encouraging in its message to be patient, reserve judgement, and employ their recommended tips to help build a work environment where everyone can perform to their best abilities. What is most encouraging, though, is the underlying subtext that it is very common to have autistic colleagues and that it is important for everyone to learn how to work with each other.

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Brighter Futures for Autistic Youths Grown on Chicago Farm

Applying lessons from the classroom to the “real world” can be a stretch for anyone, but autistic people in particular benefit from in-situ work experiences where they can develop the requisite social and job skills to gain and succeed in employment. A new program on an urban farm in Chicago does just that – and does it so well that the National Garden Bureau plans to fund therapeutic gardens nationwide.

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Opposite Brain Activity in Autism and ADHD

Many children are diagnosed with both Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) together, but a new study suggests the two disorders may be the result of distinctly different, opposing patterns of brain activity.

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Autism Screening – The Latest

Researchers are focused on finding ways to screen for symptoms of autism at earlier ages, enabling children to receive the early intervention treatments that they need.

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Technology Startup Enables Teens with ASD to Prepare for Presentations

AutismSees is a startup that creates technology, specifically apps for mobile devices and tablets, to help those on the spectrum learn how to effectively give presentations.

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Closer to Understanding Savant Syndrome

Approximately 50% of all people with “Savant syndrome,” a rare condition where a person displays remarkable genius in one specific area, have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With most of the other half being related to a brain injury or other acquired condition, it is natural to make the link between autism and savant syndrome.

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Head Size Debunked As Autism Predictor

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatryfinally put to rest the notion that infants with large heads are at greater risk for developing autism.

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Hi-Tech Makes it Happen For Autistics and Families

Technology exists to make our lives easier. For autistic people and their families, technology offers a wealth of tools, support, and career opportunities that weren’t available even a decade ago.

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MicroRNAs Could Provide Biomarkers for Autism

A new study out of the Department of Psychiatry at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine in Japan suggests, “that a set of serum miRNAs (microRNAs) might serve as a possible noninvasive biomarker for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders.” While this could revolutionize the way autism is diagnosed, treated, or possibly cured, this study is just one of the early steps to understanding the role of genetics in autism.

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