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Autism and the Ability to See Sound

Autism and the Ability to See Sound

A recent study by Joanne Jao Keen of San Diego State University found that people with autism may be recruiting the visual areas of the brain to process sounds they hear. This could explain the sensory sensitivities that people with autism typically face as both auditory and visual portions of the brain are being used […]

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Researching the “Loss” of an Autism Diagnosis

Studies state that 3 to 25 percent of children with autism lose their diagnosis. This makes parents and professionals wonder, did those who “recover”, truly have autism at diagnosis? Or do they still have autism, but have more subtle symptoms? Dr. Deborah Fein, psychologist, has studied this phenomenon extensively upon realizing that many children diagnosed […]

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Through play, children with autism can hone thinking skills (Source: Spectrum News)

Through play, children with autism can hone thinking skills

Play provides some of a child’s first opportunities to rehearse social interactions, generate novel ideas, toy with symbolism and develop narratives — skills that serve us later in life, particularly in our highly social world. Indeed, children who engage in more complex play early in development show greater social competence at later ages. Add the […]

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Bilingualism in Autism: Harmful or Beneficial? (Source: Scottish Autism)


Direct research into how speaking or hearing more than one language effects the development of children with autism is scarce. This means that families have little information to help them when deciding whether or not to raise their child with autism bilingually – a pressing question for the increasing number of families in our community who speak multiple languages. More evidence that […]

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Canada’s Top Researchers are Beating a Path to Help Children with Autism Realize Their Full Potential (Source: ASD Pathways)

Pathways to Better Outcomes is the largest longitudinal study in the world to examine the psycho-social factors in children with ASD.

Little is known about the outcomes of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The Pathways in ASD study, the largest of its kind in the world, investigates the different developmental pathways that children with ASD follow. By identifying predictors of good outcome that are potentially modifiable we hope to inform the development of effective intervention […]

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