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Autism Awareness is promoted by the International Center for Autism Research and Education

Nevada Parents Push for Higher Autism Therapist Pay

Just as all children deserve care, all autism specialists deserve adequate pay, argue Nevadan parents.

Autism therapists have greatly benefited countless families and children. The impact of early intervention and therapy can make a large difference in a child’s life. Verbal skills, motor skills, and a sense of independence can be fostered within children through therapy. Recently, Nevadan parents advocated for the raising of hourly wages for autism therapists, in […]

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The New Tech Giants: Jobs for Adults with Autism


As we move forward in the technological renaissance we currently live in, we seldom think of who exactly controls the direction that innovation moves in. Big business, celebrities, and thousands of skilled workers in STEM fields control this movement. And while, in principle, everyone should be able to contribute to the wave of innovation, often […]

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New Film “Wizard Mode” Stands For Autism Community

Wizard Mode Pinball

R.E.G. If that name doesn’t strike pangs of sheer awe into your heart, you should brush up on international pinball stats. Robert Emilio Gagno is a 27-year-old professional pinball player from Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. After a scroll through his impressive pinball tournament record, it is easy to see how amazingly talented he is. Gagno […]

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The Autistic Savant

AutisticSavant ICare Blog

Studies have suggested that ten percent of people with autism have special abilities that exceed those of the general population. The most common of these abilities is something a called splinter skill, these skills includes the incredible memorization of various trivia, number sequences, maps and even sounds. Most individuals with the special ability, have one […]

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Autistic Meltdown or Temper Tantrum?

Judy Endow

Most young children have tantrums. Typically as they master new skills and become more savvy with expanded communication abilities the tantrums dwindle away. Autistic children have meltdowns and these meltdowns can happen across the life span. For some autistics they never totally disappear. To the casual onlooker an autistic meltdown and a temper tantrum may […]

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