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Genetics Combined With Air Pollution Has Been Found to Increase Autism Risk


According to a new study, children who carry a predisposition for autism who are also exposed to high air pollution have a greater risk of developing the disorder.

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Trial Autism Stem-Cell Therapy to Be Tested in Kids

Researchers are recruiting children with autism for a study that will test whether injecting stem cells banked from their umbilical cords can decrease symptoms and provide insights into the nature of the disorder. While stem cells have been promoted, and sold, as a treatment for autism, few clinical trials have been performed to see whether [...]

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Technology Company Utilizing Skills of Those with Autism Spectrum Disorders

One L.A. based technology company has launched a new initiative to utilize skills specific to those with high-functioning autism and Asperger’s syndrome. A study led by UK researcher Simon Baron-Cohen revealed that those with autism spectrum disorders often have excellent attention to detail that is directed towards detecting ‘if p, then q’ rules (or [input–operation–output] [...]

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Narrowing Down The Cause: Excess Neurons Linked To Autism

Children with autism have larger brains and more neurons for their age than is normal, results of a small preliminary study indicate. Neurons form pathways in the brain to process and transmit information by electrical and chemical signaling. This study of brain cells in children with autism comes one step closer to answering a key question [...]

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KCRA – Sacramento, Highlights a Family Touched by Autism

Recently, I came across a TV segment, online, that spoke with the Conn family of Lincoln, California that has two sons with autism. On the segment, the California mother set a superb example of how a parent can set a positive outlook for children on their own diagnosis.

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