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Artists with Autism Form Non-Profit

Cheryl Colton is the mother of 21-year-old Ari, who has autism. She lived in a constant state of stress for a few years, unsure of what to do when Ari would get home from school. Without anything to focus on, Ari would just ‘stim’, which is a term for a repetitive body movement that many people on the autism spectrum experience.

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Functional Connectivity MRI Helps Detect Autism

Researchers have revealed a new type of brain scan which measures a child’s mental development in relation to their age. By being able to view if a child’s development is on schedule, the researchers believe that this brain scan will be able to identify various developmental disabilities like autism.

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16-Year-Old with Autism Maced and Arrested

On August 30th in Rochester, New York, a mother of a 16-year-old with autism watched on as her son was maced, handcuffed, and taken to a holding cell because a police officer didn’t understand his behavior. Billy-Jo Brimacomb was sitting on her porch with her two sons.  A police officer showed up initially looking for […]

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Autism: Environment or Genetics? Experts Say…

A hot topic in the Cognitive Science and Early Childhood sphere these days is autism. With prevalence rates rising and more American families encountering ASD, surrounding issues, such as healthcare, early intervention, and diagnosis also become topics of importance. In fact, California Senator Barbara Boxer recently assembled hearings on the “State of Research on Potential […]

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First Ever Court Award for Vaccine-Related Autism Claim Announced

Last week, the first ever court award was announced for a vaccinate-related autism claim.  The family of Hannah Poling said that she was developing at a normal rate, until she received vaccinations for nine diseases when she was 18 months old.  The diseases included measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, tetanus, Haemophilus influenzae, polio, varicella, and diphtheria. […]

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