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Why autism is more common in males?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex brain development disorders that can affect social, communication and behavioral skills. There are no two people with the same ASD symptoms. Autistic people may interact with others and learn but in different from most people’s ways. Some of them need more help and some of them need less […]

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Going to the doctors: tips and tricks

Visiting a doctor can become a real challenge for regular kids and even some adults, especially if we speak about visiting a dentist! And for sure, it’s a very stressful event for those children with autism or other related disorders. Parents and caregivers need to calm down their little patient before the visit to the doctor and have everything […]

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Tummy investigation

ASD is a disorder, which combines a complex of different developmental disorders categorized by a range of symptoms and behaviors. The numbers of children who are diagnosed with autism keep growing each year. Despite that the new researches keep showing great results and give parents hope. A new method of treating ASD has been discovered […]

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iCare4Autism in Mexico

On Monday, January 9th, 2017, our CEO Dr. Joshua Weinstein, advisory committee member Dr. Humberto Nicolini, and Mr. Zvika Barak, Esq. met with Mexican Secretary of Health Jose Narro Robles, in Mexico City, to discuss the joint collaboration with Mexico and icare4Autism to the upcoming International autism Conference and other initiatives.   A recent study conducted […]

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“Neurodiversity” in the Workplace: Hiring More People with Autism

For years, both men and women with autism have faced incredible difficulties in obtaining employment throughout their adult years. There were times when opportunities were virtually non-existent for anyone with ASD. However, with each year, increasing numbers of big companies have delivered on their promises to incorporate more autistic individuals in their workforce. Companies such […]

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