Famous Autistic People


“There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability.”
Sharron Angle – American Politician

There is a value to every life, all people differ in own way…mentally, physically, spiritually, etc. But it’s a real power to find your strengths, talents, love life the way is it and be happy every day. History knows many names of people who were thought to be disabled but they proved to the whole world that they have more abilities that anyone else.

Albert Einstein – had difficulty with social interactions, had tactile sensitivity, was very intelligent yet found his language difficult at times, and had difficulty learning at school.

Amadeus Mozart – had repeated facial expressions and unintentional constant motion of his hands and feet, loud sounds made him feel physically sick, and was unable to carry on an intellectual conversation.

Sir Isaak Newton – was very quiet and not good at “day to day conversations”. He was super focused on his work and sometimes forgot to eat. Also, he wasn’t good at making friends.This extreme focus is commonly found in autistics.

Charles Darwin – all his life he avoided people as much as he could. Writing letters was his prefer form of communication. Darwin collected a lot of things and had fixation on certain topics. He was described as “a rather obsessive-compulsive and ritualistic man”.

Stanley Kubrick – was growing up with the Asperger’s diagnosis. He had poor social skills, narrow and obsessive interests, literal thinking, inflexibility and more. If Asperger’s made Kubrick who he was, than autism is clearly a gift in this case.

Andy Warhol – was socially inept, used the minimum of words in his speech, didn’t recognize his friends and had an obsession with the uniformity of consumer goods. These and other symptoms in Warhol’s behavior made psychologists think that Andy was autistic.

There are many other well-known people who had autism or other disabilities but their talent made them a real gift to this world!

The source is: http://autismmythbusters.com/general-public/famous-autistic-people/

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