Alpha and Beta Brainwaves Differ for ASD   

Brainwaves are key aspects in relaying information throughout the body, as well as to doctors about how a person’s brain is functioning. A recent study has found differences between two types brainwaves in people with autism spectrum disorder.


In the brain of someone with ASD, less alpha and beta brainwaves are present than people without an autism disorder. The brainwaves also exhibit erratic patterns in the frontal lobe.


Beta brainwaves contain high frequencies that are active during moments of high focus and alertness, while Alpha brainwaves are more prominent at night when you’re resting yet aware.


The study took place at the University of Malaysia Sarawak where the researchers studied the brainwave patterns of ten participants on the autism spectrum, and ten participants without ASD.


The brainwave patterns were examined using an instrument called a quantitative electroencephalogram, often shortened to QEEG. It measured the electrical activity with 19 electrodes during different tasks. It allowed them to create a brain map where there was high or low amounts of activity at a variety of frequencies.


The reduced amount of beta waves in the participants with ASD gave evidence of under-connectivity in the brain, as well as issues with attention, brain injuries, and learning disabilities. Less alpha waves result in issues with motor skills and senses, such as performing specified tasks.


The QEEG also showed a mix of abnormally fast and slow waves in the frontal lobe, leading the researchers to suspect bad connections in the front and back regions. The conclusions that researchers gather from the QEEG can create training plans with the neurofeedback for individuals with ASD.


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By: Nicole Caropolo


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