ASD Detection Application

There are smartphone applications for nearly everything under the sun. From writing shopping lists, watching your televisions shows on the go, and every other function in between, your smartphone can provide you with anything you need within seconds. Now, there is an app that could greatly benefit the future health of your child.

The ASDetect is a smartphone app that will help a parent identify the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder in their child. The goal is for early diagnosis to allow for intervention that will positively help their ASD for their future.

The application consists of tests and questions that could give parents insight into possible ASD symptoms in their child, such as how often the child avoids eye contact or their reaction to being tickled. The user is then told through a message from the application about the possibility of their child having autism, and advice about future professional action.

There are three different assessments for babies at the age of 12, 24, and 36 months.

Dr. Josephine Barbaro, autism expert and psychologist, said that past studies have shown a four-year gap between a parent’s suspicions to actual ASD diagnosis.

“We really want to stress this app isn’t a diagnosis for autism. It’s really about the likelihood of having autism,” Barbaro said. “ So we really need to start acting fast and empowering parents and giving them the tools so that when they go to the doctor, the doctor is actually listening to them and taking their child to get an assessment.”

The application was created by the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre from La Trobe University, and was released on February 10th of this year.
For more information, check out Australian Broadcast Corporation and Parent Herald. The application is available for download from the Apple store and Google Play.

By: Nicole Caropolo

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