A Cat’s Magical Paw

Sitting home alone, enjoying the last day of “no work”… Our two black cats snuggled together, right next to my super hyper Labrador. I still don’t know if I’m more of a dog or a cat person. Love them all but they are so different!

Ever since I was born we always had a dog, so naturally I thought I was a Canis Familiaris kind a person. It changed when I moved to University and lived alone in a small studio, away from my family and Kama – the sweetest dog ever. One day, a dear friend of mine, who undoubtedly noticed my homesickness, decided to “help” by surprising me with a female cat! I had no clue what to do with her. All my life I was told cats are odd and they don’t listen to commands; unlike dogs, whose life mission is to serve their master, responding to every single whistle. But I immediately fell in love with my Felis Catus. She was absolutely amazing – entertaining, graceful, loving… Until she hit “puberty” and was meowing 24/7, driving my neighbors and myself absolute bonkers! It was pre-Facebook era, so they couldn’t share those “angry neighbor” stories with the entire world. My door, on the other hand, got a lot of knocks!  Life was so much easier before “social media” revolution, wasn’t it?

Animals are very sensitive therapists. But I could not choose between cats and dogs. They offer completely different “treatments”. We always wanted a pet for our kids, but were afraid of the commitment and cost involved. After many discussions and scientific arguments, we agreed to adopt a cat. Our friend’s cat had several kittens, so I convinced my husband to take two. Of course I was just trying to spare them the trauma from being separated from the “herd”. Plus they were really cute! A few days later my doctor’s assistant called and said she had found a perfect puppy for our Jacob – because everyone knows that Labradors are the best Autism therapy dogs, right? We drove across the island to see her! Little Bonnie, looking so beautiful, won our hearts immediately. Overnight we became a family of seven!

I thought it would be just like in the “feel good” movies, where the dog sleeps by kid’s feet till 7am and waits patiently to be walked and fed. Ha! And let me say that again – HA! Barking, chewing everything, using our carpets as her private toilet, etc… Don’t get me started on cats! Neurotic fluff balls, scratching every couch and rougher surface around the house! But you know what? I can’t imagine our lives without them. Kids bonded with our “demolition crew” right away. They’re still learning gentleness and tranquility from the cats; and getting extra energy out by being chased by Bonnie. She’s not trained to be our boy’s guardian but she’s a natural, although definitely ADHD. But cats are autistic, so it’s all good!

I wouldn’t change our Seventh Heaven for the world!

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