Alleviating Autism – with Crystal Light Therapy

Many children on the autistic spectrum show signs of inflammation, especially in the gut and brain. A high proportion of children show signs of brain hypoxia (lack of oxygen). There is also evidence of chronic autonomic deficit. This mainly affects the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, which can translate to slow gut motility, gut dysbiosis, impaired liver function amongst other effects. These children also show high oxidative stress at a biochemical level and also mitochondrial insufficiency. With a condition such as Autism, some people may only have mild bouts which are less noticeable, for others the condition can be more severe including violent tendencies and social interaction difficulties.

This article introduces the option that there are non-invasive technologies based on ancient wisdom available in the UK market, to facilitate optimum homeostasis and harmony within the body. As Autism like many other development disabilities effects people differently, it’s important to equally search for the right therapy and treatment to provide the best quality of life. This is where CAM (Complementary and Alternative medicine) is literally a hidden gem for many children and adults living with Autism.

With this in mind, non-invasive therapy options offer a different approach, boosting conventional, alternative and complementary medicine when using them together. Based on the knowledge of ancient medicine fused with present day technology, crystal light therapy devices can prepare the biological terrain of the body for the healing of many conditions. Such wellness devices fuse light (a well known healing technology of mental issues), electromagnetic frequencies that are similar to the body’s own, precious metals, gems, crystals, colour, Schuman resonance and where focused directly over an area of the body, helping towards the quickening in the natural healing process.

Especially beneficial during childhood as it balances and optimizes the body’s growing cells, particularly in the brain growth division and overall livelihood.

Crystals and gemstones are equally important as they are essentially a mineral, being able to transport vital information and each gem is known for its applications for different conditions. For example Lepidolite (mica) can help with the symptoms of addictions, compulsions, harmful behaviour by lessening and working to resolve distressing unwanted thoughts. In conventional medicine it is a secondary source of lithium.

These kinds of therapies are available in the Integrative healthcare market and accessible in clinics across the UK. Please see the video for a preview of how this therapy works.


With a special mention to Matthew Ally PgC BSc BA DO, as a leading specialist in the Autism Field.

By Catharina Jansma & Co-author Jade Monori 

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