‘Tech Tour’ for Autism Making its Rounds Across the Country

Google Glass is a type of wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD).

Merging the real world with the virtual realm doesn’t always have to involve killer robots or an explosive, Michael-Bay-esque battle for the survival of the human race. In fact, the blending between technology and reality can look a lot like a team of scientists, a pair of glasses and 6,000 miles of happy communities.

Just recently, a company called Brain Power has proven that it has what it takes to envision a future that’s better than any sci-fi. It is one of several companies that propel our society toward a greater degree of inclusion and accessibility for individuals on the autism spectrum.

What makes Brain Power unique from the crowd of companies that also try to help the disabled? The answer lies in the smart glasses. Inspired by the concept of utilizing technology as a bridge, rather than a barrier, to success in the real world, the glasses’ apps were developed with the user’s personal experience in mind.

Smart glasses are actually much lighter than ordinary glasses. Its apps feature fun characters that naturally grab a child’s attention and make the world seem more inviting. In addition, the apps can create reports for families, teachers, and other professionals who monitor a child’s progress.

It’s no surprise that this technology is such a hit. Children have fun trying out something new, while others can see the data behind the children’s experience. The technology almost “tricks” children into improving key social, language and self-regulation skills. For example, sensors in smart glasses can detect if a child is making eye contact and can also teach children how to recognize various emotions through fun, built-in apps.

Behind the cutting-edge products of Brainpower is an MIT and Harvard-educated team. Already, their apps and usage of smart-glass technology have earned much applause and awards from educational and tech organizations. The company was also a finalist in the Cynopsis Kids !magination Awards, which honors the year’s best in children’s, ‘tween and family programming and marketing.

The team is also tackling another bold feat: They’re going on tour…just like rock-stars. But what’s different is that you don’t need a special VIP pass to talk to them. They actually want to meet those with autism and their loved ones so that they can try out the glasses and enjoy seeing the many doors for growth that the software opens.

This past July, neuroscientist and founder of Brain Power, Dr. Ned Sahin, and the team behind the company launched their national tour called EmpowerUS. The 6,000-mile RV tour will reach as many communities as possible to showcase their smart glass software. They invite anyone and everyone to visit their EmpowerUS website at http://www.brain-power.com/empowerus, as well as connect with them on social media, for updates on the tour and their products.

By Samantha Mallari

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