Cardiff Psychologists Develop Autism Self-Assessment Test

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People with autism have less activity in the amygdala (shown in red), which helps process emotions

A self-assessment test for autism has been developed by psychologists at Cardiff University. Autism is found in more than one in 100 people and this new test may be able to help adults self identify behaviors.  The test, currently be trialled  in clinics in the UK,  measures the extent adults are affected by repetitive behaviors- a criteria used to diagnose autism. 

The research, published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, focuses on how much people indulge in common habits and routines such as lining up objects, arranging them into patterns and fiddling obsessively with things to help clinicians diagnose them.

It found consistently higher scores for people with autism after it was trialled on 311 people.

Calling the test a “useful new resource”, Meleri Thomas of the National Autistic Society Cymru says, “Although, as researchers make clear, it’s not a diagnostic tool in itself, it could help some adults explore whether they seek a full diagnostic assessment.”


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