When Teachers say “Action”, Students Go Animate

go animate

In traditional classroom settings, when students have to read books or listen to a story, how long do they really pay attention after the words, “Once Upon a Time”?

The monotony and narrow agenda of a typical school day can be the greatest obstacle to student learning, especially for students on the spectrum.

A wide range of behaviors are associated with autism. Communication difficulties and obsessions with specific topics or objects, like Spongebob or dinosaurs, are examples of such behaviors. With such different behaviors, how can average schools accommodate autistic students’ everyday needs? How can kids improve their abilities in a system that treats them all the same?

Those are the questions that rattled around the minds behind the new organization, Go Animate. This online company provides easy-to-use animation software that allows students and teachers to create their own cartoons. The classroom experience is no longer limited by distractions and disinterest. The only limit is the imagination of the students themselves.

The ability to create animations could be a key to making substantial academic progress, especially in Special Education classrooms.

For students who have trouble communicating verbally, animations provide a chance to articulate their perspectives on certain topics, allowing them to be captivating storytellers. The software acts as a blank page for students with autism to create narratives, situations, and worlds of their own. Go Animate provides a text-to-speech option as well, so recording audio for videos is now ancient history.

All in all, this opportunity for students with autism can expand their social and communication skills like no other software can.

For students who express interest in a specific topic, the animation program gives them space to talk about what they love. Enthusiasm for school is fuel for developing a deeper insight into more complex lessons.

Go Animate’s software also helps keep teachers afloat in a sea of sensory distractions. Children today are growing up using tablets and touch-screens, so it only makes sense to adapt the learning process in a way that resounds with them. If lessons are taught through cartoons, teachers can grab (and keep) the attention of students by providing headphones and tablets/computers to watch the lesson individually, and at their own pace.

The website offers custom payment plans that best fit the number of teachers and students who use the software. The animation program is incredibly affordable, especially when compared to more popular video editing systems.

Each child with autism has unique sets of learning needs, but everyone wants the ability to create whatever their heart desires. That natural attraction to storytelling can prove to be the greatest academic boost teachers aiming to have more engaging schooldays.

With Go Animate, you might be surprised how many students actually pay attention after the words “Once Upon a Time.”

By Samantha Mallari

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