What One Mother Learned When Her Son Was Diagnosed With Autism

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Shawna Wingert is a mother of two boys, a wife, speaker, and a blogger. In her recent article for The Huffington Post, she provided a list of things she learned when one of her sons was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Here are some words of wisdom from an experienced Autism Mom:

1.     People can be mean or they can be kind- it goes both ways. 

2.     You should go to a doctor who sees you as a valuable partner in your child’s health and progress.

3.     She has been amazed by her son’s behavior more times than can be counted.

4.     There is always a reason for a certain behavior and it’s not to annoy her.

5.     Pick your battles- some things are not worth fighting over.

6.     She has learned more about Autism from her son than any book, therapist, or website. The more she pays attention, the more she learns.

7.     There are unique things that work for certain children. 

8.     You will never feel like you are doing it completely right

9.     It helps to find other mothers, ask them questions, and assure them that they aren’t alone.

10. Finally, make peace with the word “Autism” and how it affects your family.


Although autism can affect families differently, Wingert has learned to welcome and embrace autism into her life.

By Sejal Sheth

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