Grant Will Be Able to Certify More Autism Teachers

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The College of Education’s online Master of Science in Special Education program will be growing this fall.

As part of Project OPERATE, the school has received 1.25 million dollars in grants that will pay for the tuition of nine students. The grant will fund education for students who are accepted to the accelerated master’s degree program every year through 2020. By having this grant, the school will become more competitive and even allow students from out of state or overseas.

Associate Professor Elizabeth Cramer says that they hope to target educators who have already worked with students on the autism spectrum. She also says that because the number of autism diagnoses are increasing, there is a need for more teachers who possess the expertise to work with them. 

Elizabeth Lane-Smith, 22, is currently obtaining her master’s degree in this program. She says that she likes it because instead of having to go back and get an autism endorsement, this program allows students to get a certification in both special education and autism. 

Lane-Smith also says that there is a great amount of flexibility within the program. Although there aren’t many interactions with teachers and peers, students are able to take two classes at a time and log in at any location.

Students who will be receiving the grant as part of their tuition payment will be required to a research project to present at the annual South Florida Education Research Conference. They will also be participating in three professional development seminars online.

By Sejal Sheth

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    I’ve been stopping by here every night since you potesd about your mother. I wanted to post that very same night but felt funny about it since I had never left a comment here before. I found your blog when you wrote about Autism the Musical; I followed someone’s link here. Then I kept coming back because I think your son and mine are a lot alike. Also, we decided to homeschool recently, too. Anyway, I am so very, very sorry about your mother. And I am sorry that you are so worried about how things will work out with Big Brother now in your household. What a lot you have to absorb! But I think you are probably a very strong person and you will find your way in all this. It might just take some time. I have been sending you good thoughts and I will continue to do so.Christine

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    That’s the smart thinking we could all benefit from.

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    Would like to add, I made some really really tiny ones out of sticky notes at my desk. They are like 1" x 1/2" big. I don't know what to do with them though… perhaps mail them to someone? What a terrible problem to have! (not really 🙂 )ok back to work.

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    nagyon jól hangzik!! ezt az óriási adagot normál edényekben is el lehet készíteni, vagy ipari méretekre kell számítani itt is?a 40 dkg cukor mekkora részét lehet nyírfacukorral és/vagy sztíviával helyettesíteni?

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    cool idea, would have made the clock itself more festive though instead of plain wood triangle

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