Co-founder of Talks Autism Strengths and Talents

autiemates is a collection of games designed to pinpoint and develop the strengths and talents of children with autism.

The organization is the first of its kind, allowing parents and caregivers to help find their child’s unique capabilities. The skills they focus on are visual thinking, understanding systems, exceptional memory, attention to detail, and focus.

So far there are two prototype games available: blocks and gears. “Blocks” is an advanced puzzle game that requires visual analytic thinking. It is based off of Samuel Calmin Kohs intelligence testing task in the 1920’s. “Gears” is about understanding clockwork-like mechanical systems like an engineer. The website has an autism-friendly interface that is structured and predictable, allowing the child to focus on the task at hand.

The inspiration for Autie-mate came from Co-founder Samuel Toth’s niece, who has autism. He is the software engineer for the company and has experience working in game development, digital marketing and productivity tools.

Ognjen Bubalo is the software engineer, and is also driven by the fact that a family member has autism. Somber Varnagy-Toth is a consulting psychologist who has been working within the field of autism therapy over the past 6 years. Specifically his studies show how the brain of an autistic person process information and how autism includes both talent and limitations. He too has experience with the tech world, as he was previously involved with the development of the HANDS app which helps autistic teens keep schedule.

There have been notable accomplishments from autistic individuals. But many others still go unnoticed. The team at hopes to empower children all over the world to find their own strengths and productive roles in society so they may become independent adults.

Currently, the games are accessible through the website. It’s recommended to use a desktop or laptop computer because they are not yet fully optimized for mobile or tablet devices. was one of the 15 finalists at the Social Innovation Tournament by European Investment Bank 2014. They also participated in the ITASD conference on digital solutions for people with autism in Paris 2014.

In the future, the developers hope to create more games that tap into autism strengths. They also to implement a timer feature which allow parents to set a specific time frame for their child to complete the game. Rather than turning off abruptly, the game would end naturally, smoothly, and gracefully.

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By Raiza Belarmino

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