Toronto Family Finds A Safe Haven For Their Son

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Liz Phipps received another phone call that was all too familiar from the director of a local community program. Unfortunately, he told her, her son Jack was being too disruptive and could no longer return to their facility.

Jack was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He has limited verbal skills and tends to exhibit aggressive behavior. He’s even known to do be self injurious at times.

There aren’t many places in their Toronto neighborhood who have the necessary tools and staff to cater to children with special needs. At 6 years old Jack started to attend respite programs during evenings and weekends but nothing seem to be helping. It was tough to find a place that would or could take him in.

After lots of hard searching, the Phipps’ discovered Geneva Day Camp for Autism. Here, their son finally found a sense of belonging.

The transition was a life changing experience for everyone involved. Unlike she did in the past, Liz now feels at ease when she drops her son off at the camp. She no longer needs to worry that he may have a meltdown that is too much for his instructors to handle.

Geneva is a place where Jack can learn new things, have fun, and, most importantly, be safe. He’s made friends with other kids and and even started to talk with the staff. Liz says the staff genuinely love and cares for her son.

Now at 10 years old Jack’s behavior has certainly changed for the better. His parents can tell that he is really enjoying his time there. On the way to the camp he can be heard singing the words “happy happy happy” during the drive.

For Jack, the world is often a very challenging place, but at Camp Geneva he is able to get the consistency and support he needs to be successful. The Phipps family is truly thankful and relieved that a program like this exists.

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By Raiza Belarmino

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