Portraits of Autism That Break Stereotypes

art and autism spectrum disorder

Art of Autism has released their new collection called Autism Unveiled, comprised of visual artwork from all over the globe.

The lack of awareness in our society brings flood of assumptions about people with autism. Often times people are misunderstood and bullied for being different. But the following 8 artists have debunked major misconceptions about people living on the spectrum. They celebrate neurodiversity and value the perspective that comes from being autistic.

What kind of rumors does this project hope to put to rest?

1. Autism makes it impossible for kids to achieve full potential

Jeremy Sicile-Kira also has synethesia, a condition where senses are mixed up. He sees colors when his auditory senses are stimulated. He believes that autism is very much a part of who he is. Without it he wouldn’t be able to see all the beautiful colors he sees.

2. Being on the spectrum has no benefits

Many autistic individuals have unique abilities. Nik Sebastian is talented in noticing little facial details such as laugh lines and moles. He has a special ability to see minor details that others don’t.

3. People with autism don’t process emotion

People with autism aren’t emotionless. They are able to process intense feelings and emotions that are simply coped with differently. Amanda LaMunyon says she understands different emotions but is not always able to respond.

4. People with autism aren’t aware of how others see them

Others are often shocked to hear that Kati Mills say that she is happy with her diagnosis. She’s rather proud of being a part of the autistic community.

5. People with autism are unemployable

Neurodiversity is something that should be given more attention. Autistic individuals have many ideas and valuable gifts to share. Kateri Michaels is an accomplished optometrist but often hides her diagnosis because she afraid people won’t employ her.

6. Autism is just a disability

Simply saying autism is a disability does not give an accurate description. It’s neither a disease or a mental illness. For Aarti Khurana, a mother of an autistic child, it’s a different kind of normal.

7. Autism is something that desperately needs to be cured

Those with autism aren’t broken. And to ‘fix’ autism would change a person’s identity. Chelsea Dub believes there is a value that people autism bring to our culture.

8. Autism is a condition that some people just have to bear

People with autism aren’t suffering from their condition. Mike Allcock was once nonverbal and told not to expect much. However, he beautifully plays Beethoven on the piano.

These amazing artists have painted a new picture of life with autism.

To read the original article and sees the amazing works of art please visit Mic News.

Written by Raiza Belarmino

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