Field Day Marathon Won by Autistic Boy

autistic boy wins race

Ten year old Preston Willis of Grandville, Michigan was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in second grade. This week, with the help of his fifth grade classmates, Lillis won his elementary school’s field day marathon.

As one of the school’s biggest events, field day is something that all of the students look forward to. John Barton, Lillis’ teacher, said that this event is one that the kids want to win. However, this year, the students had a different plan.

Barton’s students asked him if they could carry out a plan to help Lillis win the marathon during the field events. He was reluctant at first but decided to give the plan a try.

Lillis said that he never wanted to participate in the field day events because it always gave him anxiety. He also felt like he would never be able to perform as well as his classmates. The boy also said that each year he is usually too tired to run the marathon because it’s at the end of the year. But this year, he worked up his courage and decided to run it.

During the race, Lillis was holding the lead with the majority of his classmates cheering him on. The girls, who had completed their marathon, were waiting at the finish line screaming and chanting his name.

Lillis’ father, Tim Lillis, said that he had chills all over because of the excitement. As Preston crossed the finish line, he threw his hands in the air and his classmates swarmed him.

Preston Lillis thanked all his classmates for helping him win this achievement. Preston’s parents are still both excited about his win and can’t stop talking about it.

This article was sourced from WZZM13

Written by Sejal Sheth

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