Companies Increasingly Hiring More Workers on the Spectrum

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After Daniel McNabb graduated college in 2001, it was difficult for him to get a job. McNabb, who was diagnosed with autism last year, said that he wasn’t on the same page with employers and his personality just didn’t fit.

McNabb is now an employee of Ultra Testing. Ultra is one of many companies who are hiring people on the spectrum more and more. Currently, 80% of Ultra’s workforce is on the spectrum.

After many years of seeking employment, McNabb says that he is finally able to show his work and can contribute to a team. For McNabb and others with autism, there are a number of factors that can cause discomfort. For example, interviews are harder because autistic individuals often times have trouble maintaining eye contact or are sensitive to noise and light.  However, once those issues are accomodated, these individuals are often high-functioning and can help the company in extremely intricate ways.

One of the ways that companies assist individuals on the spectrum is by providing autism-awareness training sessions for other employees. Employees meet with a mentor who has an autistic person in their family. By doing this, other employees learn how to properly interact with their co-workers in a way that everyone is comfortable.

There are more resources than ever available for autistic workers. Noise-reducing headphones can be worn and there are also quieter spaces for them to work in. Some workers also can send emails rather than having face-to-face interactions if needed. Finally, because most employees work at home for Ultra, the company has provided an anonymous survey to increase job satisfaction.

Information for this article was sourced from Bloomberg News

Written by Sejal Sheth

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