Boy’s Dragon T-Shirts Unleash his Inner Knight While Raising Autism Awareness

dragon shirts

Santino Stagliano, a 10-year-old with autism, has become the “Dragon Master” of t-shirt making. His t-shirts allow him to be creative while raising awareness about autism.

Stagliano started drawing after he realized he could communicate with his parents that way. Instead of being able to talk about his emotions, he would draw a dragon symbolizing the emotion he was feeling. By doing this, Stagliano has been able to come out of his shell and now is using his creative skills to help raise money.

Originally, the Stagliano family had Santino’s drawings printed on shirts. After Lisa Stagliano, Santino’s mother, posted a picture on Facebook, the shirts became popular among friends. After awhile, the Stagliano family decided to sell them as part of a small nonprofit called Santino’s Dragon Drawing Inc. Each shirt is sold for $15 and a portion of the proceeds now go to the Center for Autism, where Santino spends one day a week. His first donation was over $2000. 

Santino Stagliano was originally diagnosed with autism when he was 5 years old. He had difficulty socializing and was anxious in crowded or loud environments. With the help of his shirts, Santino has grown in many ways. Now, he loves hugging people, high-fiving, and taking pictures. He has also developed a positive outlook and a desire to help people.

Information sourced from The Huffington Post

By Sejal Sheth

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