Bangladeshi Researcher Maps Out New Autism Genetic Risk Factors

bangladesh autism researcher

Computer scientist Mohammed Uddin and his team at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Canada have created their own way to map out the genetics responsible for ASD.

Uddin, a post-doctoral researcher originally from Bangladesh, co-authored a study recently published in the Scientific Journal “Nature Genetics”. His method involves comparing several different data sets involving the function of genes to specific locations in the brain and the activities performed there.

By sorting these different data sets, Uddin hopes to unravel the different genetic links to autism. Though his research is not unique in this aspect, Uddin asserts that his method is cutting-edge and did not exist three years ago. The scientist hopes that through this process of genetic mapping, we are able to develop methods to predict which children have genes linked to ASD long before the hallmark behaviors start to appear.

The project has been coined the Brainspan Atlas. In essence, the model tracks how certain brain regions change over time by discovering which genes are active as the brain cells grow and change the inner workings of the brain that are responsible for our thoughts and behaviors.

Uddin began his career in Computer Science as an undergraduate with ambitions of landing a glamorous job in Silicon Valley. It was only after taking a class in Computational Biology that he was inspired to pursue his Ph D in Human Genetics. He is currently in the midst of his fellowship with Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children through its Center for Applied Genomics.

This is not the first time a Bangladesh citizen has garnered international attention for autism research and actions planning. In early 2013, The United Nations passed a resolution driven by Bangladesh officials, in particular Saima Hossain Putul, the daughter of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. This resolution calls for global governments to focus attention on autism, compelling them to create a database keeping track of autistic children and their rehabilitation.

Written by Hannah Jay

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