Arizona Community Gives Young Adults A Place to Fit In

arizona autism meetup

Parents of a young adult with Asperger’s have been making recent headlines when they started a new program to help others on the spectrum transition after high school.

During the first month after graduation, they noticed their son’s days consisted of just watching TV, playing video games, and spending hours isolated in his room. Wanting more, his parents started to look towards their community for some help.

Through a local Meet Up group, the family introduced themselves to other families who were in the same situation. Soon, the West Valley AZ ASSIST (Autism Spectrum Support Information & Strategies for Transition) was created.

The idea came from Executive Director Deb Weiding, who founded the group in Tempe, Arizona. She too is a mother to a young adult with ASD and had the same post high school experience. She discovered there were other families in her community who also needed assistance in helping their child transition into adulthood and socialize with others. The group has now expanded to include hundreds of members and spread to other neighboring cities.

Monthly meetings are held for parents and young adults to share experiences and their knowledge of services available, as well as provide support to one another. There are also social events such as game night, bowling, swimming, movie night and dining, where members on the spectrum can socialize and interact with one another.

West Valley AZ ASSIST is a place where those with autism can feel comfortable, included and cared for. It’s an environment where members are free from being bullied, made fun of, or shut out for who they are. The program brings together a real community of teens and young adults who share their experiences with dating, using public transportation, and living independently.

If you or someone you know is in the Glendale, AZ area, who is on the spectrum and would like to meet others alike please contact the West Valley AZ ASSIST group.

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By Raiza Belarmino

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