App Could Help Greatly With Diagnosing Autism

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Ron and Sharon Oberleitner are the owners of Behavior Imaging, a business that makes products especially for autism spectrum disorder. They also have a son, Robby, who has low-functioning autism.

Robby wasn’t diagnosed until 18 months old, which is what inspired his parents to create their business. The Oberleitners say that they missed out on early intervention and do not want other parents to miss that window of opportunity.  They are from Idaho, a state with a 10 to 11 month waiting list for an autism diagnostic assessment.

The Oberleitners have also created a naturalistic observation diagnostic assessment app, or NODA, as part of Behavior Imaging. NODA gives parents instructions about recording their child while doing a number of certain tasks and then sending the videos to a healthcare provider somewhere in the world.

NODA seems like the perfect answer for families in Idaho. However, Idaho Medicaid doesn’t accept NODA as a diagnosis for autism. Now, the Idaho Legislature is working to change the Medicaid rule.

Currently, Behavior Imaging has been able to receive $3 million dollars in federal grants. These grants have funded clinical trials for the app to prove its effectiveness. Behavior Imaging’s tools are used in 40 different states not only by families, but by social service agencies and schools too. 

Sharon Obleitner, who manages sales and customer support, says that the main goal is to make services more affordable for parents. They are able to do this by having organizations buy memberships and then offer the products to families.

Soon, the company will hear if it has received another three-year, $1 million dollar grant. If they do, they will be able to connect 40 to 50 autism patients in remote areas to clinics in Moscow.

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-Written by Sejal Sheth

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