Singapore’s First Movement Therapy Studio Opens

movement therapy singapore

Opening up a dance studio was always a childhood dream for young entrepreneurs Garcia Chua and Denise Lwin. But the end result became something so much more than they originally thought.

In September 2014 the two women decided to leave their jobs as pre-school teachers to pursue their new business – Wings to Wings Dance Development Center. They lucked out by landing an amazing four story building at a prime location in Singapore.

A student at Wings to Winds can find the traditional ballet or jazz classes or more modern styles like hip-hop. They have even broadened their business by offering more fitness centered sessions such as yoga, zumba, cardio ballet, and k-pop.

However, one thing very unique about the studio is that they offer a class for special needs children. This idea wasn’t always part of their plan, but it was inspired by an experience Lwin had with one of her students. Chua took notice and, with her Child Psychology background, advised Lwin to use a more structured approach to her teaching.

The technique worked and got the duo to thinking. They knew they needed to bring more therapy sessions like this to autistic children in Singapore. Soon Chua discovered Joanne Lara’s Autism Movement Therapy technique and signed up for her course in Kuala Lumpur.

Wings to Wings is Singapore’s first and only dance studio that offers specific therapy to help children with autism. Their unique dance therapy works to strengthen coordination between left and right cognitive functions by using repetitive moves. Through these dance exercises, children are able to develop the cortex and connection of both sides of the brain.

Furthermore, their teachers have been trained to manage common behavioral issues. Music can be displeasing because it may be too loud or high pitched and the children respond by screaming or crying. However, through these classes, instructors hope to teach children a healthier way in responding to loud noises.

Both young women have pioneered a new movement in Singapore that not only raises awareness but provides its community with a valuable resource.

Original article from Asia One found here

Written by Raiza Belarmino

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