Two Nonverbal Teens Form Special Bond


Kreed is nonverbal and uses a tablet to communicate

Kreed is nonverbal and uses a tablet to communicate


Kreed and Skyler are two nonverbal teen boys on the autism spectrum. Now that they have crossed paths, the boys have found a special understanding within each other.

Skyler, 17, has Usher Syndrome in addition to ASD. He is slowly going deaf and losing his peripheral vision. Kreed, who is 14, also has serious medical conditions including epilepsy, hypothyroidism, and mitochondrial disease. He uses an electronic device to communicate.

The teens have both struggled socially in their lives because communication is so difficult for them. Finding out that another nonverbal boy around his age lived down the street was exciting for Kreed, who told his mother immediately he wanted to meet him. He now calls Skyler his best friend.

Kreed and Skyler enjoy many of them same things that teenage boys around them do, like eating pizza on the couch and watching movies together. But their connection is deeper than just shooting the breeze. They support each other through thick and thin.

Since his vision and hearing are highly impaired, Skyler is afraid to explore new places alone. His friend Kreed leads him around and enjoys the confidence that having a best friend has given him. Skyler seems to appreciate that Kreed doesn’t mind when he gets physically close and touches him.

Kreed’s mother Erin Polk keeps a blog about her son’s point of view called Kreed’s World. Recently on the Facebook page for her blog, Polk posted this photo which gives a glimpse into the beautiful friendship the boys share.

autism friendship

Check out the original Washington Post article here.

To view Kreed’s daily life, visit Erin Polk’s Youtube Channel.

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