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ICare4Autism’s Global Initiative in Ghana is receiving a strong push forward with the selection of Morgan Jacobs, who will be working with Echoing Hills Village to develop their educational needs.


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Morgan Jacobs paid a visit to Shema Kolainu to discuss her involvement in the upcoming Ghana initiative through ICare. Jacobs is currently studying to obtain her Ph. D. in Education from Colombia University Teachers College, specializing in Intellectual Disabilities and Autism.

The special education professional, who has ten years of experience working closely with children on the autism spectrum, was selected by the team at ICare to carry the mission of autism awareness into African communities. Here, she will provide much-needed training to center professionals, enabling them to deliver the most effective, modern therapies to children in underserved communities.

Echoing Hills Academy in Ghana

Echoing Hills Village in Ghana

“I have wanted to travel to Africa for a long time,” says Jacobs. “Autism awareness in Africa is such a big deal.”

Echoing Hills Village is a nonprofit in the African country which provides special services to the disabled. Jacobs has met with ICare on several occasions regarding the Ghana initiative and plans to work with Afua Ofori-Atta and Pastor Lawrence, leaders in autism advocacy at Echoing Hills.

Jacobs’ training will cover methods that staff and parents can use in the school and in the home to manage the care of children with autism. She also hopes to increase advocacy for those on the autism spectrum, who are often ostracized in Africa and accused of witchcraft due to their meltdown and intellectual differences. She also hopes to empower them by sharing autism success stories, and to bolster the success that youth with autism ultimately have in their own communities by providing workforce training to them. Finally, her work will include training sessions designed to help parents detect the early signs of autism in a child.

And as children love games and stories, she also understands just how necessary assistive technology and learning materials are to bridge the gap for kids on the spectrum, particularly nonverbal communicators. By providing books, CDs, and iPads to the children, their education will be augmented in new ways.

ICare4Autism with Morgan Jacobs will be there to lend a hand for children who get left behind when their elders don’t understand what autism is all about. The Ghana initiative has already brought hope to struggling communities anxiously awaiting a day that their autistic children will be given the chance to succeed.

The workshops provided by ICare through Ms. Jacobs will provide special education leaders and families in Ghana with the knowledge and experience to strengthen autism advocacy in the country.

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