ICare4Autism Strengthens Support for Autism in Africa

Our mission is to connect with the autism community in Africa.

ICare4Autism is planning with the African Initiative Committee on how to best strengthen the support for children and young adults with autism in Africa.

ICare4Autism is in the process of developing workshops that will equip the community with up-to-date knowledge about how to properly educate and care for the autistic. Africa currently has a largely under served special needs population. Many who struggle with disabilities are shunned from mainstream society and forced to live on the streets.


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  1. Posted October 18, 2015 at 7:29 am | Permalink

    We are Centre for Humanity and Integrated Development a human right and community development organization here in Ghana.
    We would be very happy to share an affiliation with your outfit. we have identified 10 kids with autism in the Ho area here in Ghana.
    we wish to educate as many Ghanaians as possible about autism.Because the stigma is till very high and spiritual implications are mind blowing.
    We sincerity hope we can share some form of collaboration to help both parents and society here ib Ghana to have change of attitude.

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