Cartographer is Internet Sensation at 11 Years Old

boy with autism draws world map

Most of us would be proud to draw an attractive map of our neighborhood or maybe a general sketch of our hometown. Being able to recall the minute details of a building or landmarks takes special skill.

For the autistic son of a college professor, an astounding knowledge of geography is second nature. An 11-year-old boy from New York became an online sensation (and rightfully so) within a few hours after a few amazing photos surfaced. He casually walked into his father’s classroom and started to draw a map of the world…from memory! The college students continued to watch in awe while witnessing such an impressive display of his photographic memory.

It soon became very popular throughout the Internet when Reddit user, Bobitis, posted the picture online. He first learned about this incredible story from his daughter, one of the students in the classroom. They were extremely impressed with the boy’s eidetic memory but also the accuracy and details he included. The kid was so meticulous with his drawing that he climbed on chairs to reach the top of the whiteboard. He also included small islands that were represented by teeny tiny dots.

He’s not the first autistic artist to display this type of impressive photographic memory. Many people with autism spectrum disorder show high proficiency in visual skills, music, mathematics, and art. In 2009, UK artist Stephen Wiltshire sketched a 20-foot, panoramic skyline of New York City after only one helicopter ride. It was displayed at the Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn and attracted a lot of attention. Like the 11-year-old boy, many were astounded by his ability to capture great detail in such a short amount of time.

Although he has still yet to be identified, we know that the boy does have autism and is the son of a college professor. We can all agree that this digital notoriety is more than well deserved. Congratulations to the unknown genius! You have officially wow-ed the world with your remarkable abilities.

Written by Raiza Belarmino

Link to the original article from the New York Daily News

Image source: Imgur

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