Autism Spectrum Disorder to Be a Part of Mental Health Programming

autism mandates

The world’s understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder is rapidly changing- from the measures used for diagnosis, such as the Autism Impact Measure, to how the intervention program is used, to even how these services are funded.

In Canada, intervention programs like ABA are partially or fully funded by the Federal Government depending on one’s child’s age. A larger sum is granted when the child is younger to help with assessments and initial sessions, and the amount decreases as the child ages until they reach age 18. While this is a luxury Canadians can enjoy, Americans need to apply for specific grants and other funding from private organizations.

However, communities in America are beginning to offer Autism intervention services as part of their mental health programs, which would be subsidized by the state, and allow for a partial or full funding of a child’s therapies (the age of the child determines amount given). This programming is currently being offered in-home multiple times a week to daily, and the individual can enjoy the comfort of a known environment while they get to know and work with their behavioral therapist. This programming is working towards having centres for ABA, and is moving forward quickly.

Such a big step towards funded treatment is incredible, as it allows for not only more individuals to receive the help and treatment that they need, but it also encourages parents to seek medical referrals for their children if they suspect or notice any symptoms of ASD.

If this trend continues, and more states begin to adopt this model, children and individuals all over the United States would be able to receive the treatment they need to control their symptoms and enjoy a life which they have more control over.

By Sydney Chasty, Carlton University

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