4 Ways You Can Raise Autism Awareness Today



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Today marks the official observance of World Autism Awareness Day. Although we hope today will open peoples’ eyes to learn more about autism, we also hope this is just one step on an ongoing journey. You can do your part to help spread awareness in your community by doing some simple things:

1. Get educated yourself!

Autism is such a widely misunderstood disorder with so many different symptoms. A child in the grocery store who is flapping his arms and repeating sounds loudly probably looks like he is misbehaving. If the average retail employee or shopper understood how overwhelmed the child feels, and that his behavior is calming his senses, the child and parent would not be judged for making a scene in public. Furthermore, while some children on the spectrum have intellectual disabilities, some of them are highly intelligent. The spectrum is a large umbrella! When you read up on autism news, symptoms, and treatment, you are arming yourself with knowledge to spread to others; awareness is the key to acceptance.

This blog is a great place to start!

2. Donate or volunteer for a cause like ICare4Autism

Autism research and treatment can be very costly. Currently, ICare is working on funding our Africa Initiative so that we can send qualified professionals to Ghana where they will build a model school for the autism community. There are always funds needed globally to provide the right therapies which allow kids to fit in and thrive in the world around them. It is estimated that the average cost of autism therapies exceeds $40,000 per year out of a family’s pocket.

3. Be an advocate for someone you know

Since 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism today, it is more likely than not that you know someone who has autism in their family. Once you become knowledgeable about ASD, you are better equipped to understand and empathize with an autistic person. Yes, others see that they are different, and have probably struggled for acceptance during their lives. You can let them know that you accept them just the way they are by being a friend to them, and sticking up for them if you ever notice them being bullied or looked down on for their differences.

4. Look into events in your area

Here in New York City, ICare is in the process of planning some exciting events to involve our community in. If you aren’t in the area, there are still many ways you can get involved in your own community. Search online for events near you where you can network with others who are passionate about the cause, like auctions or 5k races. Also reach out to anyone you know who might be effected by autism and ask if they have anything planned. Since April is Autism Awareness Month, there may well be some events right around the corner! If you don’t see anything nearby accomplishing the mission of spreading autism awareness, you can always create your own.

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