“It’s me, Phillip.”

Its Me Phillip Autism Art

This is the title of a 13 year-old boy’s art exhibition in South Carolina. Phillip Koelsch is a very unique individual not only because of his impressive creativity but also because of his very remarkable mind. What’s noteworthy about his inspiration you may ask? The answer lies within his experience with autism.

Phillip began painting before he could even speak. Before long, his mother realized his outstanding potential and has since fostered that in her son. What had begun as a doodle has since become an emotional release for her son, whose daily world can be a minefield of anxiety.

To relieve himself from insecurities and instabilities, Phillip says that it helps “to get [it] out. Everyone has imagination they need to get out every once in a while.” However, he never expected the benefits of his creativity to extend itself beyond his art table; a belief that has since been overturned.

After sharing her son’s artwork on her Facebook page, Danielle Koelsch was approached by Ivy House Antique Shop. They expressed their interest in buying and selling some of Phillip’s artwork. Since then, Phillip’s family has entered an agreement with the store and you can find his artwork online.

The proliferation of interest in Phillip’s artwork has astounded him. What began as a therapeutic resource has since become a national sensation. According to his mother, “It’s innocent, and it’s raw, and it’s real…and it’s Phil.”

His facebook page, “It’sMe Phillip” displays photos of his latest works. You can find them and their purchasing information at the following link:

Sara Power, Fordham University

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