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There’s no doubt about it – kids these days love technology.

From cell phones to laptops to tablets, it’s very much a part of our everyday lives. Although plenty of recommended apps already exist, not all parents are aware of the simple software available for children with autism.

The Chicago-based startup company, Infiniteach, has been developing a revolutionary new app called Skill Champ. The founders and creators of this project are teachers, therapists, researchers, consultants, etc., who have many years of experience within this field both professionally and at home.

What makes Skill Champ especially unique is that it is an app for the Autism community from the Autism community. The app creators at Infiniteach have constructed a visual curriculum. Their method has undergone successful trials, using concepts from well-tested autism treatments. The goal is to change the way we approach autism education. By developing this app, they also hope to provide a tool for many children who may not typically have access to reliable, affordable resources.

The app offers 10 academic skill categories:

· Put In – learning the concept of “finished”

· Put On – practicing correspondence

· Picture Match – matching identical items

· Number Find – matching numbers

· Letter Match – matching letters

· Color concepts – matching objects to a target color

· Big & Little – sorting based on size

· Happy & Sad – sorting happy and sad faces

· A/B Patterns – finishing the pattern

· Inset Puzzle – matching objects to their shape

Each category is also accompanied with printable material for offline learning. This helps the child transition their skills and apply them to the real world. A data tracker is also available to see how the child is progressing by measuring time and accuracy.

They also offer 10 themes that cater to the child’s interests, which helps with motivation.

· Farm – animals, vehicles, and tools

· Zoo – jungle, birds, and reptiles

· Ocean – fish, boats, and beaches

· Town – cities, traffic, and buildings

· School – cafeteria, recess, and supplies

· Food – meals, snacks, and desserts

· Vehicles – cars, trucks, and planes

· Trains – toy trains and real trains

· Princess – castles, jewelry, and fairy

· Toys – sports, games, and favorite toys

Currently Skill Champ is available via free download available for Apple iPad users only, but the company plans to expand to other operating systems in the future. Plus, the developers have more educational software in the works. Their next project is to launch Prismatic, an app that incorporates academic, social, and communication skills.

For more information visit their website at

Written by Raiza Belarmino

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