Being Diagnosed is a Liberation, Not a Limitation

asd diagnosis liberating

Every parent wants the best for their child- whether it’s social, academic, and even financial success when they are adults.

Parents and guardians work hard to remove roadblocks in child’s path to success. This is why a diagnosis of a disability like Autism Spectrum Disorder can be terrifying to parents. However, having a child diagnosed often creates a sense of clarity that can allow them to move forward. How can a child advance if their signs and symptoms are ignored?

The Huffington Post recently published an article explaining how parents cope with their child’s diagnosis, and what it means to them. Once the diagnosis is made, the mind of a loving parent is flooded with all sorts of questions. Will their child be stigmatized and limited by their disability? What kind of support is available?

Unfortunately, these fears can cause parents to put off getting their child assessed, leaving them without the treatment and care that they need to thrive. By getting an assessment and proper diagnosis, a parent is opening doors and creating opportunities for their child. They may now build a strong support system for their child as well as themselves, creating connections to ensure that isolation (whether as an individual or as a family) is not a crippling problem for them.

Ann Douglas, the author of Parenting Through The Storm, spoke to the Huffington Post about her personal experience parenting four of her children with various mental illnesses and disabilities such as Asperger’s, depression, and ADHD. She described her fears that she was a terrible parent as she watched her child with Asperger’s miss important milestones. Comparing herself to all mothers who tend to be blamed for any behavioural shortcomings of their children, Douglas explained how she began to realize that once her children were properly diagnosed, she was given the chance to be the best parent she could be. With her own diagnosis of Type II bipolar disorder, Douglas explained that a diagnosis is only a piece of a person’s identity, and that it allows parents to get their child the support they need.

This year alone, more children will be diagnosed with some form of ASD than childhood cancer, diabetes or pediatric AIDS combined. With such a high number of cases, information is being collected that will allow for early signs and symptoms to be taken into account, and have the individual assessed earlier in their lives. By being diagnosed earlier, treatment can begin earlier, and the individual will have a better chance at living a fulfilling and independent life.

By Sydney Chasty, Carleton University

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