Olathe, KA Gets a Little TLC For Autism Families

tlc for autistics

Everyone emphasizes the importance of education, intervention, and therapeutic communities for those with special needs. Unfortunately, many of the people who most desperately need these things are unable to access them due to their costly prices. For residents in Jackson County, Kansas, this is something that is changing.

Located just off Interstate 35 is a series of buildings: administrative offices, gyms, classrooms, residential spaces, and therapy rooms. This collection encompasses the nonprofit pediatric health center known as TLC, which fields thousands of patients a year.

TLC (Temporary Lodging for Children) first began as a haven for at-risk youth. Over the past many years, however, it has expanded its accommodations to assist families in crisis, specifically as a result of psychiatric and developmental problems. They provide outreach and treatment to both the under and uninsured families of Jackson County, KA.

Since 2013, TLC has concentrated new efforts into reaching families affected by autism. It is just one of the many disorders that too often require pricey treatment that not everyone can afford. The number one treatment for autism is uncontestably intervention; without this, many of the persons affected spiral into their symptoms, diminishing their relationship to the world around them. For those people unable to provide the money for therapy, TLC proffers a great alternative.

Though it is still developing, TLC’s expansion into autism treatment since 2013 has grown to include speech, social, language, and occupational therapy services across a broad spectrum and age range. It also promotes parental education and encourages parents to observe their children’s therapy sessions so that they might optimize their experiences at home.

Despite its recent introduction to the world of autistic services, TLC has received a lot of attention for its autism center. Over the past few months, its enrolled 60 kids in the program, not including the many on wait-lists. Clearly its accomplishments are far-reaching; however, perhaps its greatest success has been in its mindset of serving the underserved.

 Sara Power, Fordham University

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