Fat Tuesday for Autism in Fullerton

autism at mardi gras

This past week’s Mardi Gras celebration didn’t just focus on the indulgence of amazing food for members of the Fullerton town community; it also meant the widespread participation for autism awareness.

On February 10, the organization Fullerton Cares hosted a free event at the Bourbon Street Bar and Grill. Fullerton Cares is an autism awareness coalition in Fullerton California. Since its founding in 2010, it has raised over $53,000 for autism charities. For this Mardi Gras celebration, members of the coalition hoped to both spread awareness and raise money for Fullerton’s special needs program.

During the event, they held informational booths and recreational activities for the community. Though the event was targeted towards autistic members of the community, all were welcome. Attractions included karaoke, sensory cooking, junior knight training, and performances, among other things. Though the event was free, tickets were sold to attendees in exchange for special attractions and dining options offered by the event.

In addition to these activities, Fullerton Cares hosted speakers from the City Council and school district and set up booths with information regarding curing autism, creative behavior interventions, and the different ways in which children make connections while learning.

Though it has since passed, events like this one sponsored by Fullerton Cares are crucial towards spreading awareness and increasing understanding. By uniting a town towards a purpose (with a little fun along the way!), individuals of the coalition promoted the open dialogue and communal atmosphere that is crucial for sustaining support for their organization. It’s programs like these that truly get the word out to families in a way they aren’t apt to forget.

Sara Power, Fordham University

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