500 Kilometers of Love

500km walk for autism treatment

It’s been said that a mother’s love for her child is one of the fiercest kinds there are. It’s immeasurable compared to all other attachments.

Such a relationship transcends all normal boundaries. Dee Gordon, mother of a special needs child, is proving just how far that love can go…literally.

Mother Dee Gordon has pledged to walk 500km in honor of her son Jake, who suffers from autism. Her ending destination is Parliament Hill in Ottowa, where she plans to urge the Conservative government of Canada to fund a national strategy to provide treatment for persons with autism. For the past two years, Gordon has prepared for her walk by walking 30km, every Tuesday and Thursday, to Queen’s Park in Toronto where she protests for two hours. She carries a bell which she rings with her while she walks, signifying the lost voices of so many autistic children, like her son, that don’t receive the treatment they deserve.

Currently, Canada has no such program, despite all the proof that the right treatments can significantly improve the quality of life for persons with ASD. According to Autism Ottowa, “Families must pay out of their own pockets for a very large portion of expensive autism therapy- whose cost may reach $60,000 per year – because provincial and territorial jurisdictions offer only limited financial assistance.” Last Thursday, Gordon embarked on her journey. Along the 500km, she plans to make 8 stops where she will speak with media and local residents about the need for Canada to plan a strategy to combat the injustice of nonexistent resource provisions from the state.

“As a mom with a child with ASD, I have had to fight every day for real help with my child,” she wrote on her website. “I have watched other families fight as hard as I have, and this is simply not right.” To follow her courageous journey while she fights for her son and all of the children with ASD suffering in Canada, you can visit @WalkToOttowa on Twitter.

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