A Documentary on Autism, “Generation A: Portraits of Autism and the Arts”

urlToday on the blog, we would like to feature an important documentary that focuses on various therapies for autistic individuals as well as captures the lives and stories of individuals diagnosed with autism. The documentary focuses on the presence of arts, movement, and music in their everyday lives as well as shares the stories of the autistic experience.

Joanna Lara, Founder of Autism Movement Therapy describes what her therapy provides for autistic children in the film. “Autism itself comes from the Greek word self, one’s own, or by oneself, which describes the characteristics of our children as, being unto oneself. The three criteria for autism are: speech and language impairment, social skills impairment, and a behavioral issue of some kind. Movement in music requires both sides of the brain to come to attention. With music, movement, and dance, the entire brain is responding to the visual information, the audio information, and then to the gross motor processing.”

The documentary also features Stephen Shore, Assistant Professor of Special Education at Adelphi University, who discusses “core body to environmental relations” in the documentary. He explains that one of the features of autism is individuals with autism often don’t know where their body ends, and the environment begins around them. This ability is something that can potentially be grown and developed through the exploration of movement.

Temple Grandin is also interviewed in the documentary on her experience with being diagnosed with autism at an early age and discusses the various misguided perceptions she was confronted with and overcame throughout various stages of her life.

The documentary film was originally funded and developed as a Kickstartr campaign by Barry Shils and Joanne Lara that successfully raised over 16 thousand dollars for the completion of the film.

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  1. Kathleen Jones
    Posted September 6, 2016 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    I am searching for the documentary which recently aired on PBS featuring beneficial therapy for children with autism disorders, including horseback riding & dance. The film included the annual event, “Autism Sings!” Please help me find this on DVD.

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