Distinguishing Signs of Autism in 2-Year-Olds

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) vary greatly between individuals, but share several core symptoms. Recently, research has stated that Autism can be detected in children as young as two years old, as this is the age where the most development takes place in terms of speech, behavior, and socialization. As a result, many parents have become more aware of monitoring the skills of their children as they approach this age. An earlier diagnosis of ASD is always best for the child, as early intervention can lead to the most effective plans for their education and care.

A new article has listed different signs that parents should note about their child, which can help them decide if the child should be evaluated by a doctor. Firstly, there are signals of ASD when the child is very young, such as lack of eye contact as an infant, or not being responsive to the emotion of their parent. Other early signs are that the child is being unresponsive to cuddling, or does not participate in any babbling or does not try to express themselves.

Furthermore, symptoms of Autism in 2-year-old children are prominent in terms of their difficulties in speech. Some children with Autism do not speak at all, while others may repeat the same set of words. Symptoms are even more distinguishable in terms of non-verbal communication. They may struggle to pick up on another’s emotion or the tone being used. For example, if the parent smiles at the child, they may not return one.

Another sign for parents is if their child has trouble adjusting to new things. Many children with Autism are uncomfortable when they are in a new place or doing things that are not part of their routine. These children may show a strong interest in one particular topic or object, and may repeat the same actions over and over.

With the current diagnosis rate of Autism in the U.S. being 1 in 68 children, it is important to notice signs of ASD as early as possible, and bring it to the attention of medical professionals. Early intervention can help children receive effective speech and behavioral therapies, which can lead to them living very happy and fulfilling lives.

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