The Cause of Autism: Exploring the Origins of ASD

Dr. Gary Steinman

The ICare4Autism International Conference, which is taking place next month in NYC, will welcome several notable speakers, including Dr. Gary Steinman, the Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Steinman will be giving a presentation on July 1st on the proposed role of insulin-like growth factor in Autism.

Dr. Steinman proposes the idea that depressed levels of the protein called insulin-like growth factor (IGF) could serve as a significant biomarker in recognizing Autism disorders. Dr. Steinman’s research shows a strong link between IGF with a number of growth and neural functions. He has stated, “there is a strong case to be made that IGF – known to be deeply involved in the normal growth and development of babies’ brain cells – also serves as a biomarker for Autism.”

As a result, those who embrace the hypothesis that IGF serves as an Autism biomarker should encourage breastfeeding as a highly accessible means of supplementing an infant’s natural levels of protein. Furthermore, Dr. Steinman states that further research may validate an IGF-Autism hypothesis, where increased durations of breastfeeding may result in lower incidences of Autism. IGF stimulates brain cells that provide an essential insulating material, called myelin, around developing nerves. This material helps transmit important messages within the brain, which include physical functions such as movement, and neural functions such as thinking, emotions, and sensory perceptions.

Dr. Steinman will be releasing a book at the end of the summer titled The Cause of Autism: Concepts and Misconceptions. Although Autism disorders have been examined for many years, certain fallacies need to be cleared up, and more research still needs to be done. This book gives better explanation of the truth behind several theories, as well as the reason why popular misconceptions (such as the idea that vaccinations may contribute to ASD), have delayed the progress of scientific research.

This book will examine the dominant hypotheses of Autism and give further explanation of the possible origins of the disorder. The Cause of Autism will also give readers a better understanding of the relationship between genetics and environmental factors in their contribution to the development of Autism. It will also discuss the possibilities of women giving birth to a second child affected by Autism, as well as certain precautions mothers can take to potentially reduce the risk of having a child develop ASD.

ICare4Autism is honored to have Dr. Steinman join us at the conference! All Autism professionals, researchers, educators and students will not want to miss his presentation! Early bird ticket specials are still available, and you can select them here.

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