Clinical Test May Help Predict The Risk of ASD in Children

IntegraGen, a leading molecular research company, recently presented the results of a study that may efficiently predict the risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in children. The data was presented this week at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Atlanta.

The study focused on 3,000 individuals diagnosed with ASD and a control group of 3,000. Researchers built off of previous research conducted by IntegraGen, which had identified single-nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs, which give the ability to efficiently predict the risk of ASD in children who have an older sibling with Autism. The new study identified over 1,700 genetic variants that are associated with Autism.

Dr. Bernard Courtieu, IntegraGen’s Chief Executive Officer, states, ““The results of this research have been incorporated into the newer version of our ARISk Test, permitting physicians to prescribe the test for a broader patient population of children who have early signs of developmental delay or autism. The earlier identification of children at increased risk of autism can help lead to faster referrals, earlier diagnosis, earlier intervention and better prognosis for these children.” The ARISk Test is a genetic test that analyzes the likelihood a child will develop Autism.

Recently, IntegraGen has launched the ARISk2 Test, which is a more advanced test that focuses on children who already show signs of ASD, as well as those with an older sibling that has been diagnosed with Autism. This test, which is only available to licensed medical practitioners, had been thoroughly developed in the CLIA-certified laboratory of IntegraGen. The test involves taking a DNA sample (using a cheek swab) and analyzing the genetic markers.

Francois Liebaert, Vice President of Research and Development at IntegraGen states, “Our research provides new insights into the genetics of autism and identifies common genetic variants which are associated with an increased risk of developing the disorder in children with signs of developmental delay or autism spectrum disorder”. The results of the clinical data, which included both the children diagnosed with ASD and the control group, allowed researchers to identify the most common genetic variants that are present in those with Autism.

IntegraGen recommends that children with higher risk for Autism, such as those with older siblings that have ASD, be referred to a specialist for diagnostic testing, as the children can receive the best care as soon as possible. Early intervention is always beneficial to the various needs of a child with Autism.

The ICare4Autism International Autism Conference will be discussing additional medical research and scientific advances in NYC on July 1st. Speakers include Dr. Alisa Woods, Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science at Clarkson University. Dr. Woods will be discussing Protein Biomarkers in Autism disorders. To hear Dr. Woods speak, please select tickets here.  Early bird ticket specials are still available! This is an Autism conference you will not want to miss!

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