Individuals with ASD Possess Valuable Qualities for Businesses

In the past, individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) struggled to find employment opportunities, as many businesses focused on the perceived weaknesses of each person, as opposed to their talents and strengths. Today, many corporations and small businesses alike are realizing that Autistic individuals can bring great value to their company, and therefore, they are establishing programs that integrate Autistic adults into the workplace.

Autistic individuals each possess unique talents, such as analytical thinking, musical and artistic ability, or the ability to express creative ideas. Several businesses are focusing on particular qualities of Autistic individuals which can benefit their productivity and the value of their company. For example, Freddie Mac, a leading mortgage finance company, has implemented a program that seeks Autistic individuals to fill paid internship positions, each catering to different strengths.

One quality that many individuals with ASD naturally possess is an intense focus. This detailed focus will allow them to avoid being distracted from accomplishing the task at hand. Many Autistic individuals are so determined to get a task done, that they do not even consider stopping or complaining.

Another quality that individuals with ASD can bring to their workplace is their incredible sense of creativity. Many young adults with Autism disorders have extremely vivid imaginations. Managers can utilize these employees for when they are looking for a new, unique way to solve problems, or when they are seeking a creative idea to promote their business. If these individuals are given permission to express themselves and share their ideas, it can lead to incredible opportunities for the company.

Another characteristic of those with ASD that can aid businesses is that many are passionate about a certain subject or activity, and therefore that passion will lead to drive and productivity. Since Autistic individuals usually have intense, specific interests, the best jobs for them would allow them to be involved with those interests. The individual will truly love working in an area of their knowledge, which allows them to become hyper-focused and productive. Creating an environment where Autistic individuals can explore their interests and utilize their strengths, will truly allow the business to thrive.

The ICare4Autism International Conference will be discussing the Global Autism Workforce Initiative on June 30th in NYC. Stephanie Sherlock Roemer, who serves as the Director of Diversity at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Freddie Mac, will participate in a roundtable discussion, which will discuss implementing programs for those with ASD, and creating support for them in the workplace. To attend this conference, please select tickets here.

As Autism Awareness Month continues, ICare4Autism will be sharing more opportunities that have been developed for those with Autism disorders, as well as the initiative to implement employment programs for those with ASD. We will also be sharing new medical research and scientific advances, as well as highlighting several self-advocates and stories of hope. We hope that you will share these stories, and use the month of April to spread awareness about Autism! Please make a difference and donate today!

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